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Welcome to the UM Writing Placement Assessment

You have arrived here either because you do not currently have scores that place you into a WRIT course OR because you have chosen to challenge your WRIT placement. If you have scores but are challenging your placement, please know that your highest writing score will always be given priority. 

Through this site you will be able to:

  • view the placement essay prompts
  • submit your placement assessment essay

NOTE: This form will ask you for your UM email address and your UM 790#. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK that these two pieces of information are correct. Incorrect 790#'s or non-UM email accounts will delay your score entry or require us to reach out to you for correct information. 

There is no required font style, font size, or paper length, and research is not required. Readers are looking for the writer's ability to 1) respond to the prompt, 2) express ideas and support them with evidence and reasoning, 3) organize ideas, 4) write sentences that clearly convey their thinking. 

Any questions about the assessment can be sent to writingplacement@umontana.edu

Please feel free to seek advice and help with your writing, just as you might for a graded paper in a class. The Writing and Public Speaking Center is available for support!

Recent and upcoming placement submission deadlines: 

Essays will be reviewed the day following at submission deadline. We make every possible effort to enter your scores and send you an email the day after a review deadline. Sometimes it takes us two days - we hate that, but we're human! 

January 13: submission by midnight

March 1: submission by midnight

March 29:  submission by midnight

April 12:  submission by midnight

May 15:  submission by midnight

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.